After confirmation of orders on our website which we normally receive by email, we will contact you back with the full amount due to payment and instructions how the payment should be done. There are varieties of payment method that we accept. we do not accept paypal payment due to the fact that paypal's terms and conditions is againt the nature of our business. We do not accept online payment by credit cards for we haven't got a well secured payout for you security. We do not accept Cash on Delivery(COD) fot it is not possible for international orders. We highly welcome wire transfer for big orders, We accept order payment except as mentioned earlier. We will inform you in details by email about payment procedures. If you have paid for your order and you change you mind, we will refund your money back if package is not shipped yet with 10% deduction to cover the commisssions of receiving and sending funds back to you. We accept: Bitcoin transfer; Western union transfer Moneygram transfer Ria transfer Unistream transfer Wire transfer. Bitcoin wallet:1MPNhLTXTiMk4j31EQA2iYEAL8fZjdNw6g All other informations for payment will be discuss by email. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL or CASH ON DELIVERY



After confirmation of your orders and payment, your package will be handled by the relevant authorisation, well discreetly packed with all necessary safety and non detectable sealed materials. We ship worlwide to many countries like USA, Canada, EU countries, Asian countries and Africa. Shipping method always by express delivery couries, delivery time 5-9 days depending on the destinatios and delivery cost will depend also on the destination country and the package size. Minimum delivery charge is 30 euro. After your package has been shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number so we can both track your parcel till it reaches your destination. We always help to assist our customers with any arising problem